From the Perspective of Chicago Semester Student Teachers

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

End of Semester Thoughts #2


Anelise Schrammen – Bethel University
This is a decision you will NOT regret. I have learned more about myself as a person this semester than all four years of college. This is an amazing opportunity that not only helps your career but it helps you grow as an individual. Being immersed in the city allows me to realize there is so much more to life than the bubble I was living in. This city is full of life and there are always exciting things to do and places to explore!

Alyssa Huizinga – Trinity Christian College
I would tell a potential applicant that doing student teaching in Chicago is difficult. Not only with large class sizes, difficult students and a lot of work outside the classroom, you have the temptation of the city to keep you from focusing on your student teaching. However, it will be the best decision you make as a prospective teacher. You will learn so much in this semester of teaching and you will have so much fun while doing it. Coming out of the semester, you will feel as though you can teach anywhere, and anything. You will meet new people along the way, have new experiences, and have a great time in the city. Chicago Semester is a rewarding program and I encourage those who are thinking about it to student teach with them.

Brittany Vollmer – Northwestern College
I would greatly encourage him/her to teach in Chicago. The positives and skills I am taking with me after this semester definitely out-weighed any concerns or personal challenges I encountered. I also found that I had a great support system with the other student teachers, my roommates, and my advisor. I am extremely thankful for my semester here in Chicago.

Kelsie Wojcik – Hope College
Student teaching in Chicago will provide an opportunity that will allow you to step out of your comfort zone as you gain a comprehensive teaching experience. This experience will equip you with the skills you need to teach in nearly any student population.

Erin Czaia – Bethel University
Student teaching in a CPS school gives you an urban teaching experience it’s almost impossible to find anywhere else in the Midwest. This is the third largest city in the whole country, and no other city in the region can even compare to Chicago’s population. When you’re student teaching, you don’t necessarily have a lot of free time – although this will depend on your grade and subject area – but even if you only have a small amount of free time, it’s a great experience to explore Chicago.

Amanda Mast – Central College
Student teaching in general is one of the most rewarding but challenging experiences you will go through - at least in college.  Teaching in Chicago has really opened up my eyes to the impact teachers have.  So many of these kids need a role model or for someone to show them that they care.  Assigning myself that task has given me a whole new purpose for teaching, and I don’t think I would have realized that without Curie.  I would highly encourage education majors to consider Chicago Semester because it is an experience that is unique, and you will not regret it.

Betsy Wallin – Northwestern College
I would tell them to do it. There are always opportunities in life you regret not taking, and not going to Chicago would be one of those regrets. It is an amazing experience and worth much more than just a semester at college. It has also helps to ease the transition from college into adult life in the real world. Ultimately the Chicago semester has been one of the greatest experiences of my college career.

Hannah Lee – Calvin College
I would tell a potential applicant that teaching in Chicago is not an easy task, but the experience is worth it.  There are going to be sacrifices that you will have to make here and there, it's a true taste of what it will be like when you actually hold a job.  Student teaching in Chicago is a challenge that I doubted at first, but do not have even an ounce of regret for now. Through this experience, I have stretched my limits and learned more about myself.

Emily Benson – Central College
I would tell them that this is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. I would also make sure they were ready for the course work. The edTPA and the Tuesday class expectations. These are things I was not told and it was not a good surprise.  Overall, it flies by and I would 100% recommend it to any potential applicant.  Create experience to grow as a person and as an educator. 

Kathryn Woodside – Trinity Christian College
Chicago Semester has given me a unique experience to engage with the beauty and brokenness of Chicago. My school was in an affluent neighborhood where I got to see some of the best of what CPS has to offer. The district may be known for its issues and challenges related to poverty and politics, there are positive things happening in the schools throughout the city. It was a blessing to be able to do both my SPED and elementary education placements in the same school.